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Always on the go? Frequent traveler? SkyTec has your security, safety and conservation concerns covered 24/7. Monitor, automate and control home and business systems and receive alerts remotely, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • Family First

    At SkyTec, we understand your family comes first. Our comprehensive security and automation systems feature the most advanced technology to protect your family 24/7. Our affordable, easy to use, smart systems put your family first.

  • Business Owners

    Smart integrated security systems protect against intrusion, control access, enable monitoring and energy management for your business remotely 24/7.

  • Travelers

    You are never too far from home with SkyTec. Monitoring and controlling home security, safety and energy consumption is at your fingertips with remote access and alerts 24/7.

  • Man's Best Friend

    Ensure your home is never too cold or too hot for your pet's comfort and safety. Monitor your pet's activity with remote camera vision and prevent pet theft.

  • Green Living

    Monitor and regulate your energy usage-- from lighting, to temperature to appliances--automatically and remotely for green living and lower energy bills.

  • The Elderly

    Medical monitoring and alert systems ensure rapid response and medical attention to seniors in time of need.


About SkyTec

SkyTec security and automation systems lead the industry in providing the best technology solutions for protecting and managing homes and businesses.

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