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Are You Looking For Commercial Access Control Equipment & Installation?

Trying to find the best access control system for your company? SkyTec Security & Automation can provide the guidance and equipment you need quickly and affordably. These keyless entry security devices play an important part in keeping your small business secure. From card readers and magnetic locks to retina scanning devices, we’ll help ensure your property is accessible by only those who are authorized.

We make the process easy
Make your business only accessible to those that are authorized

Professional Installation
The equipment we use is dependable and affordable

We Provide and Install Access Control Systems and Equipment including Card Readers, Mag Locks & Door Strikes.

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We Sell Commercial Access Control Systems in Scottsdale

Maintaining control of vendor and employee access couldn’t be easier. Our card readers come with the features and benefits you count on to help protect your office, building or warehouse.

By allowing access only to authorized employees or others who need to be there, you greatly increase the safety of your property. In some instances, setting time limits on access for delivery people may be needed if you receive frequent shipments. In addition to securing doors, our access control system can track and record who came and left and at what time.

SkyTec’s commercial access control systems can be installed quickly and are very user friendly. They help to manage door traffic and give you the reliable employee access control you can depend on.



Whatever your need and budget is, we can provide the equipment you need. There are NO limits on the number of door readers that can be used with our systems and we can integrate over 100,000 cards to them. Some of the types of access control we install are:

Proximity Card Readers
Fingerprint Readers (Biometric)

Key Pad Readers
Magnetic Door Locks (MAG Locks)

Magnetic Door Strikes

To complement our access control devices, we suggest pairing them with our business security system. Combining wireless video cameras, burglar alarms and intrusion detection makes for a level of security that you can put your trust in. Regardless of how in-depth you want your building security to be, we’re the access control company in Scottsdale who can make it happen.


We know your business is important. We want to help you keep it safe and secure, so you can rest easy knowing your assets are in good hands. Our remote access security system installation process seamlessly integrates security, video, and other features into one-easy-to-use portal. Best of all, SkyTec’s integrated system is affordable, easy to use, and keeps you in control of your business day and night. Managing and monitoring your business security from anywhere has never been easier.

We provide access control systems in Scottsdale Arizona, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix.