Our Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most popular frequently asked questions and answers you may have.
1With so many Security Companies out there, why should I use Skytec for my Security needs?
Well, Skytec has over 30+ years experience in the industry and knows just about everything there is to know about Security. Not to mention we are a locally owned and operated full service security company with an A+ BBB rating and a 5 Star Home Advisor rating.
2Is Wireless Security as dependable as Hardwired?
Absolutely! In fact, wireless security has made great strides over the past 20 years since it was introduced. The wireless systems now have 5 year lithium batteries and are an internally supervised wireless system. In the event of a low battery or power loss, the system notifies you of the low battery so you can get it replaced.
3What stops someone from breaking into your home and disabling or removing the wireless system?
This is a great question. The wireless system has built in "smash and grab" technology. In the event the panel is tampered with, it immediately sends a signal to the Central Station as a" tamper buglar" event and the Police are dispatched immediately!
4I've heard that I don't need a home phone anymore to monitor my security system?
This is correct! We use a cellular unit in all of our systems so a phone line is NOT needed. Not to mention, there is NO phone line to be cut in order to prevent the system from dialing the Central Station to dispatch the Police.
5What all can be "automated" into my security system?
You can add on lights, thermostats, IP cameras, door locks and the new SkyBell Doorbell. All of this can be managed through the Alarm.com app from your smart phone or from an computer from anywhere in the world! Read More
6The new Skytec Medical Alert pendant/watch appears to better than what’s out there?
This is true! Most Medical Alert products work inside a home. Our product not only has the ability to set it for "fall detection" and also works outside the home anywhere in the world! It also has built in two way voice so you can talk directly to the Central Station. It also has built in GPS so in the event you become incapacitated, we can located you within a few feet of your location! Read More
7Does Skytec also do commercial installations?
Yes, we just completed a large $300,000 card access and camera system in a large commercial building. We can do any job, big or small, whether it is residential or commercial. Read More
8I've heard advertising from a local cable company that I can get a system for Free. Is that true?
Yes, however I encourage you make sure you aren't getting hit with a "switch and bait" advertising message. I've seen those commercials also. They show door locks, cameras, thermostats and lights and then tell you that you can get a system for free for and a very low monthly fee. You can NOT get all of these add on automation products for free. However, you can get the Security System, cellular unit and perimeter protection for no cost with signing up for a monitoring agreement. We offer both. The no cost install with a 36 month monitoring agreement or you can purchase the equipment outright and have a lower monthly monitoring fee. Call us and we'll go over all of the options and discuss what's best for you.
9What kind of a warranty does SkyTec offer?
We offer a Lifetime warranty on all parts and labor for as long as you are being monitored by us. You will never pay a fee in the event of a problem as long as we are monitoring your system!
10What kind of a warranty does Skytec offer on products without a monthly fee?
We offer a 2year unlimited warranty on all parts and labor on everything we install regardless of whether there is a monthly fee. After the 2 years we offer an extended warranty on installs that aren't already paying a monthly monitoring fee for the Lifetime warranty.
11I've lived in the same area for years and have never had any problems?
I hear what you're says however, I spent 11 years in public law enforcement before getting into the security business. I worked homicides, burglaries, and rapes. Each of these events could have either been avoided with the proper security install or at least help could have been on the way. I would rather see you have protection and not need it than to need the protection and not have it! It only takes 1 time and your life could be changed for life. We pay hundreds of dollars each month for home owners insurance and car insurance just in case we have a problem. You can pay around a $1 per day to protect your LIFE and home. This is very inexpensive considering that lives cannot be replaced.
12I've heard that having a security system installed can lower my homeowners insurance? Is this true?
Yes. Insurance companies want you to have security in your home! Therefore, they are willing to give you up to a 20% discount for having a monitored burglary and fire system installed. Having a cellular unit can increase that discount even more.